Designed in Muskoka. Made in Canada.


  • Woke up this morning took a look at myself in the mirror and thought wow my skin looks great, that doesn't happen often. I think that's changing, thank you so much!
    Laura ZImmerMuskoka, ON
  • The product is amazing. It is excellent for my skin and it does not feel heavy at all. Very soothing and easy to use. Within one week, you will notice a difference from using it. I get comments all the time about how nice my skin looks.
    Kathy V.Muskoka, ON
  • It's day 5 and my skin loves the three products you sent me!. My skin is really calming down in those very sensitive irritated areas; what a relief!
    Anne R.
  • My skin feels soft and my pores are visibly smaller. My eye area is more toned, leaving less of a puffy/wrinkle look. Face Addiction leaves my skin feeling soft, silky and smooth.
    Maryanne Smith
  • I've been using the Diffuse Elixer and Fresh Cream morning and night, and in between if necessary and it's saved my face!! I've had very little dryness, minimal peeling and it's not been sore at all! Amazing products...Thank You!!
    Christina W.Muskoka, ON
  • Love this new line! I fell so out of love with any skin care I've been trying since my daughter has been born... but this one is amazing! Can't wait to learn the whole line now! Thank you so much!
    MaarissaIroquois Falls, ON