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Skin Care


There is something about starting and ending each day with a skin care regimen you love. It injects a little bit of luxury to the everyday and reinforces your commitment to taking care of yourself. What makes this even better is knowing that your skin care regimen has been exclusively curated for your specific needs.

When asked, many people will focus on a skin condition as their main concern (i.e. sensitivity, wrinkles, acne, hyper-pigmentation, redness), which is understandable considering the conditions are usually clearly visible. However, the key to finding the perfect regimen lies in blending products that take your skin type (Dry, Normal, Combination, Oily) and conditions into account.

How can this be done you ask? Easy! Face Addiction® is proud to have a network of professional skin care experts (our Stockists) across Canada that help individuals diagnose their skin and recommend the perfect blend of products for their home care. If you are not located near a Stockist, you can contact us directly for your home care recommendation.

Our goal is providing healthy skin care that results in healthy skin. Our hope is that you find the perfect Face Addiction® regimen and enjoy those luxurious moments each day.

For more information please contact your Face Addiction® team or find a skin care expert near you.