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The Benefits and Challenges of Small Batch, Botanical Products

The Benefits and Challenges of Small Batch, Botanical Products
September 4, 2015 Face Addiction
In Skin Care

You’re probably thinking, “Challenges? Like what?” I can completely understand this reaction. Most people would assume products that have been freshly made in small batches — using only the best botanical raw ingredients — would lead to a better, higher quality product. For the most part this is true. However, there are a few challenges involved in producing botanical products this way, and it is important to understand what these challenges are and how they can sometimes affect a product from batch to batch.

Something as common as a change in the weather can have a large affect on naturally derived, raw botanical ingredients. For example, if a growing season is particularly dry (or wet), it can affect the essential oils in the fruit or plant. The fragrance of essential oils may be somewhat different then the crop from previous years. When your products are aromatic solely due to natural essential oils, there could be variations from batch to batch. Of course, your products will still smell amazing, but the aromatic experience might be slightly different.

Small batches are the best way to ensure fresh and potent products, but this method also has its challenges. Face Addiction Skin Care works with a lab in Toronto who manufactures our custom and proprietary formulations, and we are very fortunate to be able to bring them to you in small batches. Generally, it is more difficult to control product texture and viscosity in batches smaller then 100 kg. Compound that challenge with the natural variations in the raw botanical ingredients, and we may sometimes see products that have minor variances from batch to batch.

The formula ratios, ingredients and results will always be the same, but you may notice these subtle differences from time to time. It could be that the product is a bit thicker or thinner then the previous batch. Luckily, minor variations in texture and viscosity will not change the results of the product. We strongly believe in small batches and we are willing to accept these variations. Most of you may have never noticed any differences at all!

So as you can see, there are definite challenges when manufacturing small batch and botanical products, but the results are worth it.

As unpredictable as nature can be, we are committed to remain in partnership with Earth to bring you the healthiest, most potent and fresh spa professional products on the market!

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