Designed in Muskoka. Made in Canada.

The Company


Inspired by old world apothecary culture and custom blending botanicals, we are devoted to skin care and creating products that are beautifully aromatic, potent and pure. Face Addiction® aims to address all skin concerns in an individual and customized approach while providing the results you would expect from a professional spa line.

Our products were thoughtfully designed to be free of chemical preservatives. We have found a naturally derived ingredient that provides the full spectrum anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal protection our products need, while also providing clinically proven increased hydration in the skin. This ingredient, radish root ferment filtrate, is found in all 18 products and is considered an active ingredient as well as our preservative.


Each family within the Face Addiction® line has been formulated to work in harmony with each other in order to treat any skin type. By blending specific products together, as learned through our comprehensive training program, therapists gain the ability to target specific skin conditions. As a result, the therapist’s professional recommendation will determine the treatment plan, not standard protocols. The freedom to custom-blend a treatment regimen specifically for the client will ultimately result in a positive experience for both therapist and client.

Face Addiction® is classically packaged in amber bottles and labeled with clearly indicated product names and primary active ingredients. Each component of the packaging can be completely recycled, diverting waste from the landfill and falling in line with your Green commitment.

•Potent & Aromatic Natural Formulations

•No Chemical Preservatives

•No Colourants or Fragrance

•Paraben & SLS Free

•No Animal Testing

•Gluten Free

•Made in Canada


It is important to us that we provide healthy skin care in the healthiest way possible for the earth. We incorporate green thinking into everything we do including shipping our products in only reused boxes and packing material. It may not be the prettiest package but it’s what’s inside that counts! We also have eliminated the need for shipping our products in large trucks from the manufacturer to our warehouse. By producing our products in small batches, we are able to simply pick up our orders.

Also, our products are manufactured in a lab that runs on Bull Frog power, further reducing our carbon footprint. Our packaging is simple with no outer boxes and 100% of the packaging is recyclable. We are also proud to offer our technical books, price lists and other documentation to our Stockists electronically, reducing the amount of paper we print on. You can feel good about using Face Addiction® knowing our green commitment is as important to us, as it is to you.

Our Parent Company


Consulting, Distributing, Educating

Spa Addiction® is the perfect way to describe our devotion and passion for the spa industry. With our expertise and experience in spa development, management, education & sales, Spa Addiction® is the advantage you need to see the vision for your Spa come to life.

We understand the complexities of the spa business and we offer practical solutions for these challenges. Whether you are a start up or an established business, Spa Addiction® will deliver excellence in meeting your needs.

We are so honoured to announce that Spa Addiction®, our parent company and Canadian Distributor, has won the Top Spa Partner award from the 2015 Canadian Spa Awards! The awards are presented by Spa Inc. and Leading Spas of Canada.

We could not be more thrilled to have won. Thanks to all of our customers to nominated us!