Designed in Muskoka. Made in Canada.


Nicole Fisico


the beginning

Many people ask how I got into this business—it’s sort of an interesting story… Growing up, I actually hadn’t considered skincare, esthetics or spa therapy as potential careers. I wasn’t a girly-girl; however, I did enjoy doing my own nails and makeup. To be honest, I didn’t know esthetics was even a career path at all. Looking back at the way I stumbled into this industry, it must have been meant to be.

My spa journey began in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1999. I discovered the world of esthetics while investigating college programs. One program stood out to me in particular, and as I read the curriculum, I knew that esthetics was for me. It turned out my instincts were right—the small private college that I attended had an amazing program and instructor. I graduated with Honours in Esthetics & Aromatherapy and was immediately employed at one of the most exclusive spas in Toronto (at the time).

our evolution

Since then, my career has evolved through various roles in the spa industry. I’ve been an esthetician in a number of upscale spas, I’ve acted as National Educator and Sales Manager for a globally recognized skincare brand, and I’ve served as Spa Director for one of Canada’s largest resorts. I currently sit on the Conference, Networking & Education Committee for the Spa Industry Association of Canada, and on the Georgian College Advisory Board for their esthetics program.

All of this experience and hard work has led to Face Addiction®. In the years before starting my own business (Spa Addiction Business Specialists), it became evident to me that there was a gap in the spa product market. There were many amazing skincare lines with botanical formulations and clinical results, but for some reason, consumers were not always buying. Why was this? I set out to find out.


What I learned was this: consumers and spa owners want it all—and why shouldn’t they? They want affordable, eco-focused, botanical formulations that have amazing results. More importantly, spa owners want to be able to carry a product line without having to stock a tonne of inventory, all while keeping costs down in order to provide affordable, effective treatments and services for their customers.

Thus, Face Addiction® was conceived. After two years of intense research and development with a Toronto-based chemist and manufacturer, we launched the brand in May of 2013, and it has been growing ever since.

I feel so privileged to be working with spa owners, estheticians and skincare specialists across Canada, bringing our brand of healthy, affordable and proudly Canadian skincare products to consumers. My day begins with my Face Addiction® regimen and it excites everyday knowing there are people coast to coast doing the same.